Six Nigerian Airlines Form Alliance, Become Spring Alliance

Six Nigerian Airlines Form Alliance, Become Spring Alliance

  • Six Airlines in Nigeria have formed a coalition to form Spring Alliance which they say is to help each other in the industry
  • The Chairman Air Peace, Allen Oyeama said the coalition is for the benefit of the flying public which the carriers
  • According to him, it will enable the operators meet tight schedules in the event one carrier is having challenges, others can come to their aid

In what can be described by industry experts as a deft move by Nigerian airlines, five operators have mutually agreed to support each other in the aviation ecosystem.

Air Peace, Azman Air, United Nigeria Airline, Arike Air, Aero Contractors and Max Air, all have announced the berth of Spring Alliance with the aim of supporting each other’s operations to exceed the expectations of passengers, according to reports by The Nation.

Nigerian airlines form alliance
Nigerian airlines form alliance Credit: Jamenpercy
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What the airlines said

The airlines signed a coalition on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, in Lagos.

Allen Onyema, Air Peace Chairman and said the Spring Alliance for the welfare of customers of the airlines which use the airlines.

Onyeama stated that their passengers are covered any time there is a problem with an airline, saying it is their response to the complaints of the customers that the alliance was formed.

According to Onyeama, if there is a technical issue with a particular airline and flights are delayed if a member of the alliance is flying on the same route, the passengers would be handed over to them.

It is a revolution in the aviation industry

The Air Peace chairman called the alliance a revolution in the aviation industry and asked that other airlines take advantage of the benefits inherent in the coalition.

Onyeama said the coalition is not for Nigerian airlines alone but foreign airlines which fly in the country.

Aero Contractors MD, Abdullahi Mahmood called the coalition historic and said it prioritises the happiness of their passengers.

Government begins investigation on fare hike by Nigerian Airlines for Domestic Travels, Orders Reversal has reported that The Federal Government has ordered domestic airlines to reverse the recent hike in airfares on domestic routes.

Babatunde Irukera, the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive, of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission(FCCPC ), gave the order revealing that the airlines' operators might have together agreed on airfares hike in a meeting at Abuja.

According to him, it is wrong for competitors to come together and agree to fix a price, the Punch reports


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