Breaking News: A youth arrested after posts on Facebook

Breaking News: A youth arrested after posts on Facebook

An exclusive report reaching has it that a youth with the name Sani Hamza Funtua has been arrested by the Police for about 3 days now.

Breaking News: A youth arrested after posts on Facebook
Sani Hamza Funtua (left), Honorable Muhammadu Abubakar (right)

His arrest came after a request from the Honorable member representing Funtua, Muhammad Abubakar, aka Abu Total, memeber of Funtua in Katsina State House of Assembly. Sani was initially arrested and was detained day and a night before he was released. After a day, he was re-arrested, detained and transferred to Katsina state police command in Katsina.

The source confirmed to us that Sani's posts were polite, and has no any disrespectful sentences nor any allegation against the Honorable Member. Efforts to resolve the whole thing failed as the said member is furious and committed to " Teach Sani a lesson he will never forget".

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Another source informed us also that Sani has onces worked with Muhammad Abu Total but total refused to pay him his money. That is believed to be the initial cause of the conflict. It was believed Sani was warned for the first time by Abu Total but refused.

On his wall, Sani explained that Muhammadu Abubakar once called him in the night threathening to kill him or send thugs to lynch him if he did not stop posting things on facebook.

This is not the first time a thigs of this nature happened in Katsina state. if you can recall, a youth was arrested on the orders of former Governor of katsina state, Ibrahim Shema last year. His arrest was in connection with series of posts about fertilizer scam in Mashi local government, the local government of the then governor's Chief of Staff, Majigiri.

This is coming after an attempt by the National Assembly in a bill sponsored by Sanata Bala Na'aAllah to regulate the social media, and impose on sentences on defaulters.

Nigerian social media users in return have conducted series of street demonstrations in Abuja which they in return rejected the bill and warned that the National Assembly is becoming against Nigerian people and their interests. The Bill is still before the Senate after passing its second reading.


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